Professional Painting Service

Alico Painters is well-known for providing quality painting services in Mississauga. We offer a wide range of services which includes both residential and commercial space. Along with that, we are experienced to cover both the interior and the exterior of the building.

Residential painting

In order to maintain a house, you would require to paint it after every few years. Whether you are looking to paint your house for the first time or need to repaint your house, Alico Painters is here to provide you with the best kind of residential painting service in Mississauga. From the living room to the walls in your home, we will coordinate and paint the full house in the given time as per your style and preferences.

Commercial Painting

Old worn paint can fail to give a professional look to a commercial building. Our expertise lies in transforming the whole look of the office space from both outside and inside. With the painting service, the look of the whole building will be transformed. Whether it is a small retail store or an industrial warehouse, we can provide house painting services for all.

Interior Painting

You can always call Alico Painters to only paint the interior of the building. Whether it is your home or a commercial building, we will simply paint the interior, either for maintenance purposes or for the first time. You can enhance the aesthetics and the atmosphere of the house if you choose residential interior painting services.

Exterior Painting

Apart from the interior, the exterior is also equally important. The exterior colour can wear out over time due to harsh weather conditions. Keeping that in mind, we always use high-quality and weather-resistant painting materials We are experienced in handling the challenges one might face while painting the exterior of a place.