Upgrade With Interior Design Service

Our personalized interior design services can help you upgrade a residential or commercial space professionally. Whether you are building a new place or renovating the old one, Alico Painters can provide high-quality interior design services in Mississauga. Our expert interior designers always follow these steps to complete an interior design project.

Conceptual Design

Without a basic design, an interior design project can never be started. This is where we will consult the client and ask for what they are looking for. The design will be done according to your style and budget. We will never exceed the budget you will set for us. This is why our interior design service is customized according to the client.

Space Planning

Efficient space planning has a lot of advantages. You can easily optimize the space of your place with our space planning expertise. If your room has little space, planning the interior changes beforehand can give you an idea of how it will turn out after the work is finished. On the other hand, if your room has a lot of space, it is easy to fill it up with things that can later turn out to be junk and serves no purpose for you. Planning properly will help you avoid that.

Color Schemes

Color can either make your space look clean and attractive or make it look dull. While a bright colour can work for a child’s bedroom, it won’t work for a conference room. So, determine the purpose of your room first and then consult our interior design service expert about which colour schemes will work for the space. From neutrals to vibrant, we will choose a colour that will blend with the interior design of the space.

Material Selection

Whether it’s the flooring or the wall, the materials used by us are always chosen from a high-quality supplier. Our design team will choose all the materials carefully so that they will last longer and bring the best out of your space.