Exterior Design: Transform Your Space

Exterior design services can help maintain the exterior of a building or your home. This includes the building itself but also the curb or the pavement leading up to the building. We can design the exterior in a way to make sure it looks clean and good as new.

Facade Design

With the help of materials, colors, textures and other details, you can create visually pleasing and harmonious facades for your residential or commercial space. We will design the facade that will fuse with other exteriors and interiors of the space. Alico Painters will create a facade design according to your requirements for the space.

Lighting Design

Lighting is an important aspect of exterior design. Without proper lighting, a commercial space won’t be able to carry out its work properly. Whether it’s the pathway or the curb, lighting should be strategically placed for bringing out the space and utilizing it to the full.

Structural Enhancement

It plays an important role in transforming the functionality and aesthetics of residential and commercial exteriors. Whether it involves adding a welcoming porch, expanding living spaces with a thoughtfully designed extension, or incorporating architectural elements like pergolas or balconies, these enhancements elevate the overall appeal and value of a home while improving its livability and adaptability.